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How do I change my Profile Picture (avatar)?


Click on Profile > Change Profile Picture and upload a picture file by clicking 'select file...' and browsing to an image on your computer. Click 'Upload'.

You can then adjust how it looks by editing the thumbnail once it has been uploaded.

How do I change who sees my posts?


Click on Profile > Privacy

Here you can change who sees your friends list, photos and groups list by choosing either:

Public - anyone can see

Site Members - only registered members can see

Friends - only registered members who are your friends can see

Only Me - nobody else but you can see

You can also change the privacy settings on your activity posts by clicking on the little arrow in the top right corner of the post and choosing Privacy Setting.  By default this is set to Site Members.

Can I send a private message to another member?


Yes, but they must be on your friends list.

Click on Inbox in the header bar and select New Message.  Select the recipient(s), add a subject and your message and hit Send Message.

It's just like sending an email.  Replies will arrive in your inbox. 

How do I upload photos?


Click on Photos in the header bar and then My Photos on the page that appears.

Select Upload Photos and then you can create an album in the pop up window or select an existing album if you have any.  You need to give the album a name and you can also give a location where the pictures were taken and a description of the album.  You can also select the privacy settings of the album here.

Then you can click on Add Files and browse to pictures on your computer.  If you're using a mobile device you can select photos stored on that too.

You can keep on adding files or select View Album.

To delete an album, click on the little arrow in the top right hand corner of the album cover picture and choose Delete Album.

You can also delete photos or move them to another album by selecting a photo and pressing the Options button at the bottom of the photo.

Can I start a Community Group?


Yes you can - from the Groups menu in the header bar.

Click Create Group, fill out the form and choose some options.

If you make it a closed group, others will have to request to join the group.  An open group will be accessible to anyone.

Once you have created your group, it will have to be approved by the Webmaster.

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