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Warlingham Friendly 3rd july 2016

On the first Sunday of July each year we join Atkins Archers at Warlingham for this 3-way friendly.

This year the round was an American, probably because the 4th July Independence Day was on the following day. Or maybe Warlingham were playing their Trump card (yes that was an attempt at a joke). An American round is 30 arrows at 60, 50 and 40 yards or two pints of Budweiser and a Manhattan if you're at a bar (another attempt, another fail).

imageIt's fair to say that this fixture ended up being a very topsy-turvy day all in all.

CMO Bowmen hosted this three-way friendly match between us and Reigate Priory Bowmen as holders of the trophy which we won at Malden last year. With me so far? Unfortunately Malden found themselves a bit light of archers and so the three-way became two.

No Animals Were Harmed on Our Summer Fun Shoot (Only Apples!)

There was a great turnout for our Summer Fun Shoot this weekend where members could try their luck at a field shoot with a bit of William Tell thrown in.

"They came at us from all sides. Shuffling toward us with menacing, lifeless stares from their undead eyes. First one or two, then more, until finally a whole legion of zombies, vampires and foul creatures were ranged before our eyes."

No, not the latest episode of The Walking Dead - that was an eyewitness account of the turnout for this year's CMO Halloween Fun Shoot which was nothing less than spook-tacular! (Don't worry, there'll be a load more awful puns to come).

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