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  • Archery Apps Open or Close

    Please note that the links below are for information only and none of these products have been tested or endorsed by CMO Bowmen. We advise you to check the reviews and ratings.

    archersmark logo

    Archer's Mark - Apple

    Archer's Mark is the state-of-the-art in archery software products, and is in use today by thousands of archers world wide.

    Technologically advanced features enable the archer to instantly calculate an accurate set of sight marks, and refine or modify those marks based on many factors, in real-time, while shooting a field course. For example, Archer’s Mark can instantly generate additional ‘temporary’ sight marks, for any specified range(s), based on factors such as weather or archer fatigue.

    Now in version 1.5 there's an optional in-app-purchase that supports rapid scoring via both default and custom score cards.

    iarcher logo

    iArcher - Apple

    This iPhone and iPod Touch app allows any archer to keep track of their most important shooting data, including:

    - Round Scores
    - Sight Marks
    - Personal Bests

    Keep track of your Round scores, while you shoot, so that you always have your scoresheet data to hand for later analysis. Choose to shoot Indoor and Outdoor Metric or Imperial rounds, or create your own custom practice or club rounds.

    Enter your arrow scores for each end, and iArcher automatically totals your ends, dozens, distance totals and round total, as well as telling you what classification you have achieved, and the score required for the next one (NOTE: Updated to reflect October 2014 classifications). Once the round is complete, iArcher will now calculate the handicap that was achieved too.

    arrownautics logo

    ArrowNautics - Apple

    ArrowNautics is so easy and intuitive to use, it will make scoring fun. (If that’s even possible!) Be the one who scores in less than half the time and gets it right the first time without the math stress, so you can focus on what’s important – shooting!

    Best of all, ArrowNautics lets you keep score for as many archers as you want. Whether it’s a tournament, league night, traditional night, clout, even a field event, let ArrowNautics keep score and watch the leaderboard to see who’s leading. You’ll be the envy of your fellow archers.

    archeryscorepad logo

    Archery Scorepad - Android

    Currently the only app with official licence to use the Handicap Tables in the UK

    Feature Rich Archery Scorepad with easy to use scoring sheet.

    Record Scores, Sight Marks, Custom Rounds for all bow styles. Record and Save Archery Scores from a set list of Predefined rounds (Metric, Imperial and Indoor). Record Custom Round Details. Remembers the Custom Rounds Details so can re-shoot the same Round again without the need to re-enter it. Full UK Classification Tables for Metric, Imperial and Indoor for all age groups (GNAS. Updated March 2012).

    apptitune logo

    Apptitune - Apple & Android

    APPtitune is an archery tuning guide that is currently available on the iTunes market for your iPhone/iPod and iPad as well as on the Google Play market for all Android devices.

    Learn the ins and outs of your equipment from the pros who are on the cutting edge of bow setups and tuning. In-depth coverage of many aspects of setup including; Limb alignment, Cam Alignment, Stabilizer setup, Group tuning, Torque Tuning, Broadhead setup, Vane Selection, Broadhead alignment and tuning, Hunting arrows, Bareshaft tuning, Walkback tuning, Paper tuning, Yoke tuning, Creep tuning, Third axis leveling and Arrow setup.

    kslpocketcoach logo

    KSL Pocket Coach - Apple & Android

    As an archer or archery coach it is often difficult or impractical to access coaching information in the field.
    The KSL Pocket Coach is setting a new standard in archery coaching. This App. has been developed in coordination with Coach Kisik Lee, one of the world’s top and most respected archery coaches. Since 1984, his archers have collectively won 18 Olympic Gold Medals and untold numbers of medals at World Championships and Cups and other International events.

    Initially, The KSL Pocket Coach includes the 12 phases of the successful and proven KSL Shot Cycle, separated into twelve definable steps, including diagrammatics and photos. Future releases will be expanded to include other coaching information along the lines of the bestselling book “Total Archery”, now published in the world’s seven major languages.

    Future updates should include guidelines to SPT (Specific Physical Training); Mental & Physical Training; Angular Movement; Breathing patterns and a host of other coaching information. Future updates will be free to purchasers of version 1.0, but cost may increase for future versions.

    iTunes App

    Android App

    archerytimer logo

    Archery Timer - Android

    This application allows you to measure the time of Archery FITA accordance with regulations.

    * selection time
    * 1 shooter or switching AC / BD
    * Customisable sounds

  • Archery Shops Open or Close

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  • Equipment Manufacturers Open or Close

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  • Archery Organisations Open or Close

    world archery

    World Archery

    World Archery is the international governing body for the sport of archery. Its mission is to promote and regulate archery worldwide, developing the sport with over 150 member associations through international events, development initiatives and marketing and endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and International World Games Association, among others.

    It is responsible for setting the rules and regulations for international archery events, organising the World Archery Championships and for the sport at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and World Games.

    archery gb

    Archery GB

    Archery GB (the trading name of the Grand National Archery Society) is the governing body for all forms of archery in the United Kingdom, including target archery and field archery.

    The society is currently responsible for over 1100 clubs and 40 000 registered members across the UK, all of whom may receive the magazine Archery UK four times a year, included in their affiliation. It also organises its own national tournaments and is responsible for training coaches, as well as ensuring affiliated clubs are covered by their public liability insurance policy.

    The Archery GB website hosts a very comprehensive Tournament Calendar featuring recognised events across all disciplines.

    scas logoSouthern Counties Archery Society

    SCAS is the Southern Counties Archery Society. Set up over a century ago to run the Southern Counties Archery Meeting (SCAM), SCAS is a Regional Society of the Grand National Archery Society, and acts to promote and encourage the sport of archery in the Sounthern Counties of England.

    SCAS includes thirteen counties. All archery Clubs and Archers in the member counties are eligible to join SCAS, and most do so so via their counties. At 2011, SCAS included about 14000 archers.

    SCAS is run by Regional Council, consisting of County representatives and elected Officers and Officials.

    csaa logoCounty of Surrey Archery Association

    The CSAA promotes archery and the coaching of archery within the county of Surrey. It is recognised by the GNAS and SCAS to collect affiliation fees due to them from archery clubs within Surrey.

    The CSAA selects teams to compete at Southern Counties matches and also Inter-County team matches.  It organises regular Surrey squad coaching sessions and also sessions for Surrey archers.

    Here is a link to a useful list of all the Surrey archery clubs.

    County Records pages

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